About Us

Gran Blanco is the latest addition to the now well established Great White brand. With Great White opening in 2017 Venice locals finally had a space that personified the West Coast way of life. The menu, the design and the overwhelmingly Californian restaurant was to become the destination for visitors and locals alike.

Filling the daytime void for locals was just the start for dynamic Australian duo Sam Cooper and Sam Trude. Next they set their sights on providing the other missing part to Venice local lifestyle. A more upscale late night venue that was to emulate the Great White contemporary coastal ethos while creating its very own ambience and mode. Gran Blanco exudes the elevated sophistication Venice was craving. Housed in an historic building deisgned by the famous developer Abbot Kinney the restaurant creates a considered but unpretentious atmosphere. With huge open windows to the eclectic chaos outside Gran Blanco offers respite from the local grit and hot Los Angeles summer.

 Gran Blanco’s menu takes influence from coastal hot spots across the globe. Seasonal and locally sourced fare are paired with an extensive wine and cocktail list. Shared small plates are the best way to relish the flavors of the West Coast married with a Mediterranean palate and all in a truly authentic Cali location.

 Sam Cooper, having DJ’d internationally, made sure the music for the restaurant was just right. A perfect playlist for every time of the day. He has hand selected a vinyl collection that creates the ideal ambience and mood. With celebrated LA DJ’s frequenting the line up each evening the music plays and essential role in the Gran Blano concept. 

And that concept seems to be just right. Teaming with locals and ‘in the know’ out-of-towners Gran Blanco has proved much more than a Venice restaurant. It is now the beating heart of a once overlooked area of LA.  Both Great White and Gran Blanco are proving the West Sides affiliation with all that is considered Californian. 

Our Ethos

From inception the first restaurant in the group, Great White, was to be the true embodiment of coastal living. A place that served local produce, was built by local hands and would become a hub for the creative, inspiring people who lived in the area. With consistent failures in the location Sam Cooper and Sam Trude knew they had to create something truly unique for the Venice people.

Taking references from their personal global adventures, Great White was to be their own original take on the Coastal Californian restaurant. 

With a balanced, sophisticated menu and beautifully organic interior, all designed by the boys themselves, Great White conjures up the best of sea side life. Gran Blanco follows this Cali coastal style and takes it to the next level. 

Venice cermacist Sara Karkenny created all the ceramics used in Gran Blanco. Each piece is deemed to make food shine with minimal design. The perfect collaboration for Cooper and Trude. 

The art is by Luke Chiswell, an Australian like the owners and also now calling Venice beach home. He works in a variety of media including painting, sculpture and screen printing with a focus on language and meaning blending well with the international clientele of Great White and Gran Blanco. 

The success of this unique team is unstoppable with collaborations and a number of new ventures in the pipeline. All in good time though. It’s 100 degrees out and there’s one hell of a swell to conquer.